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      Mike Patterson, CEO Totier Technologies LLC, Mid-Atlantic Telehealth resource Center 2016: Tech Geek Talk iClickCare is a store and forward workflow solution. Two physicians, Larry and Cheryl Kerr, developed iClickCare to address their own needs in active general and specialty practices. Based on their 20 years’ experience, the iClickCare program has taken a different approach to telehealth, freeing physicians from the constraints of time as well as place.

      Highly secure, while allowing input and discussion between and among all members of the patient-care team, this program includes a function to invite caregivers, and even the patient or family when appropriate. By design, the technology is intended to augment normal medical workflow, rather than adding more complicated technology. With virtually no training, I found the interface quite simple to use as an extension to natural workflow procedures. More...

      Upstate Medical Alumni Association 2014: Is There an App for That? THE APP: iClickCare is a HIPAA-secure solution for collaborating with other health care professionals via the iPhone, iPad or a computer. iClickCare® enables healthcare providers to “talk” with their colleagues using text, pictures, video, and PDF, and provides a secure archive of cases.

      WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM? Personal need. In the 1990s, while working as a pediatrician at United Health Services in Binghamton, Cheryl needed a means to advise and assist nurse practioners in offsite school-based clinics. With email and the internet gaining common use, she and Larry developed a computer system in 1995, ClickCare, which provided a telemedicine link between the UHS pediatric office and the centers. They began offering ClickCare for commercial sale to other providers via beginning in 2006. In 2010, with the proliferation of the iPhone, the Kerrs created iClickCare for the iPhone as well as the computer. More...

      From Google 2013: The New York Business Development Center selected ClickCare, LLC, owned by Drs. Cheryl and Lawrence Kerr in Vestal, for the Small Business Excellence Award. The idea for ClickCare came from a simple exchange in 1995 between a school nurse and the pediatrician Dr. Kerr. A photo was sent over distance learning lines for help with the diagnosis and planning. This inspired Drs. Cheryl and Lawrence Kerr to spend 18 years developing and improving what ClickCare offers. Their product is a cutting-edge telemedicine service that provides a HIPAA secure transfer of pictures, video and medical information. iClickCare saves patient travel and doctors’ time, provides specialized medical expertise to rural areas, and provides quick turnaround of medical recommendations for the patient from the appropriate specialist.

      Prestonwood Rehabilitation 2013: Meritt Robinson, Director of Nursing, Prestonwood Rehabilitation: "With iClickCare we have the ability to refer back to online conversations, visit details and pictures which has assisted in many improved outcomes for patients.

      We also market this HIPAA secure technology to consultant physicians...we upload films and reports from our mobile x-ray service into iClickCare and send to our orthopedic consultants." More...

      Reed V. Tuckson, MD, ATA 2013: Managing director of Tuckson Health Connections, offered a spirited keynote speech that pointed out the failures of today's fragmented healthcare system and offered up telemedicine as a solution. "Forget fee-for-service," he said, "and focus on value-based design".

      iPad2vs3 2013: New on the iPad -- iClickCare iClickCare 2.0, now for the iPad and iPad mini, is here. Optimized to take advantage of the iPad and Retina Display, iClickCare for the iPad is absolutely stunning. More...

      ForIOS 2013: iClickCare iClickCare là một dịch vụ phần mềm tương thích HIPAA mạnh mẽ cho các chuyên gia y tế được cấp phép. Trao quyền cho bản thân và đồng nghiệp của bạn từ iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad nhỏ hoặc các trình duyệt máy tính để bàn, sử dụng hình ảnh và lời nói. Phối hợp cho bệnh nhân! More...

      ifreeware 2013: What is iClickCare? What is iClickCare? iClickCare, for licensed medical professionals, is a simple-to-use HIPAA compliant software service using pictures, videos and on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or a desktop browser -- for your patients! More...

      AppPlot 2013: iClickCare is a robust HIPAA compliant software service for licensed medical professionals. iClickCare has been updated for iPad and Retina Display; has a new "Compare Visits" capability; and includes the new "Invite Patient" capability for medical participation. More...

      MedicalSmartphones 2013: iClickCare for iPhone iClickCare is an example of mobile telemedicine. iClickCare enables healthcare providers to "talk" with other colleagues using text, pictures, video, and even PDFs on the iPhone, iPad or any desktop computer -- over the internet. Collaborate with colleagues using an encrypted platform to communicate privately with other clinicians. More...

      The Birth of iClickCare 2013: How the medical collaboration needs of providers stimulated providers to create ClickCare and iClickCare. Glimpses into what was to be. Watch the Video

      Health2.0News 2013: ClickCare, a HIPAA secure store-and-forward collaboration platform for providers, launched the iClickCare app for the iOS systems. The app enables the healthcare providers to exchange information using text, pictures, video, and PDFs, and creates archives of all cases for future reference. More...

      HomeHealthNews 2013: "Meaningful Use" Continues to Evolve But Mostly Outside of Home Healthcare While iClickCare augments and enriches EHRs, it is not an EHR. iClickCare is an online wound care tool, a collaborative tool to help you get through the day better.

      One of our customers asked if iClickCare had "meaningful use." Our first thought was, of course it’s meaningful -- that’s the whole point. If we empower medical providers to collaborate among themselves in a simple and easy manner, everybody wins. Most importantly, patients win, but providers win too.

      Providers know they’re doing the right thing by working together, and they see that it’s not so hard. Indeed, collaborating with iClickCare is easier to than playing telephone tag, even if you need to slow down for a few seconds to take a picture and write a brief history and question. More...

      Bloomberg Business Week 2013: ClickCare, LLC provides a Web based software service for medical collaboration. Its services allow users to collaborate with their consultants using pictures, videos, and texts. The company offers its services for use on computers and smartphones. ClickCare, LLC was founded in 1995 and is based in Vestal, New York.

      HandsOnTelehealth 2013: Doctors in telehealth businesses I met Dr. Kerr at the ATA 2012 conference. She is down-to-earth and passionate about making virtual collaboration simple, accessible, and innovative.

      Dr. Kerr took time to speak with me about ClickCare’s history, how it has continued innovating in telehealth over the years, and how Steve Wozniak gave them a plug during his keynote. Their story is a great example of how to grow telemedicine solutions based on a practical need and continually adapt to new advances in technology.
      Watch the Video

      IFVNews 2013: Healthcare Companies Reaching Customers Through Mobile Devices ClickCare provides software services for medical collaboration and its iClickCare App helps healthcare professionals to interact and assist each other. More...

      Steve Wozniak, ATA 2012: "iClickCare… You know and it's kind of cool [to have] doctors, the general doctors get in touch with a couple of specialists who give a better opinion..."

      HealthValley 2012: mHealth Startups Drive Innovation Into the Healthcare Industry Designed by healthcare providers for healthcare providers, iClickCare focuses on the importance of and increasing need for collaboration within the healthcare industry. Using a desktop or ClickCare’s mobile app called iClickCare, healthcare professionals can have an online avenue for quick consults. Users can share information and media related to patient problems and get instant answers from peers or specialists.

      Medical students also get the benefit of instantaneous answers from subspecialists, and the development of multimedia teaching cases makes the jobs of both student and teacher easier and more enjoyable. More...

      ATASanJose 2012: iClickCare -- A secured software subscription service for exchanging pictures and prescriptions representing patients' health conditions with doctors. More...

      HealthcareTechDecisions 2012: iClickCare explores the boundaries of mobile diagnosis in healthcare. iClickCare for iOS, an example of how remote diagnostics are possible using smartphones, garnered a lot of press when the New York Times wrote about it and then Steve Wosniak (co-founder of Apple, Inc. with Steve Jobs) picked it up and talked about it at his keynote at the American Telemedicine Association’s 2012 conference. More... 2012: ClickCare's physician collaboration mHealth app ClickCare CEO Cheryl Kerr talks about the company's iClickCare mHealth app, which enables physicians to collaborate on patient care using pictures, video and text. More...

      MED Medical Electronics Design 2012: iClickCare App Gets Nod of Approval from Steve Wozniak At the American Telemedicine Association’s annual meeting in California, keynote speaker and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praised mobile health (mHealth) applications. In particular, he cited iClickCare as an application that would play a significant role in the future of telemedicine. More... 2012: iClickCare is an app for Medical on iPhone & iPad, by ClickCare, LLC. iClickCare is a robust HIPAA compliant software service for licensed medical professionals. More...

      OrganizedWisdom 2012, Gary Levin, MD: Healthcare Companies Reaching Customers Through Mobile Devices Here is a neat mobile app for health with imaging About iClickCare   More...

      DownloadCheapApp 2012: About iClickCare iClickCare is a HIPAA compliant software service for medical professionals. Discuss your patients securely with your colleagues, using photos and words, from your iPhone and over the web. Empower yourself, even on the go! More...

      Innovation & Creativity Seminar by Steve Wozniak 2012: "And at least credit Woz with giving a special shout-out to one lucky telemedicine company: ClickCare, a New York company that’s developed an app that lets physicians collaborate on care with pictures and video on iPhones and iPads." More...

      AppVV 2012: iClickCare is a robust HIPAA compliant software service for licensed medical professionals. Empower yourself and your co-workers from your iPhone or the desktop, using pictures and words. Collaborate for the patient! More...

      filecluster 2012: Medical Software iClickCare is a HIPAA compliant software service for licensed medical professionals. Discuss your patients securely with your colleagues, using photos and words, from your iPhone and over the web. More...

      iTriage 2012: What is Telemedicine? Benefits, Challenges, and Changing Relationships According to the American Telemedicine Association, telemedicine is defined as "the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status."

      "The body of medical knowledge has exploded so much that it’s difficult for one person to master it all," says Lawrence P. Kerr, MD, FACS, COO of iClickCare, a software service over the internet that lets doctors, nurses and other caregivers collaborate on behalf of the patient securely and simply with pictures and words. "Sharing knowledge in an easy way is paramount to the good care of the patient. As Albert Einstein said, 'No one of us is as smart as all of us.' Telemedicine reduces communication barriers." More...

      Blog for the Strategic Innovation MBA Course at Vanderbilt University, Nida Bajwa 2012: A few years ago, my doctor coordinated my medical care via an online tool called ClickCare and while I was initially hesitant to engage in "virtual" healthcare services, I ended up being impressed with it. I will note however that I had met with and seen my doctor a few times prior to using this tool, thus I was willing to be a part of his pilot project and he conducted my follow up appointments via the tool. Clickcare [now iClickCare] essentially allows healthcare professionals to leverage text, photos and video capabilities to deliver their services as most other consultants already do. I think this is a great social innovation as it saves time for both the doctor and patient and allows care/treatment to sometimes be delivered faster than normal because you don't have to wait weeks for an appointment or even hours in a waiting room.

      This innovation also has huge implications for providing healthcare and relief to underserved areas. More...

      SoftwareConsortium 2012: Healthcare Disruption -- Apps and Federal Incentives A mobile app requires special attention be paid to issues of privacy, security and interoperability, the benefits of going mobile in health are becoming clearer. This supports a visual conversation, greater patient engagement, and potentially greater trust between provider and patient.

      iClickCare is a mobile app where doctors and nurses post a photo of and information about a patient's problem on ClickCare's secure website. Then a link is sent to a consulting physician who logs in, looks at the data and photos and responds. More...

      HealthCallings 2012: Put Your Tech-Smarts to Work in Telemedicine Here’s the irony of telemedicine: Caregivers like physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners are finding that by treating and accessing treatment for people remotely -- using telecommunications technology -- they can actually provide more complete, integrated care.

      In fact, Dr. Lawrence Kerr, COO and co-founder of remote-care company ClickCare, says underserved patients everywhere can be better served through telemedicine.

      The iClickCare platform allows a caregiver to post a photo visually depicting a patient’s condition, along with patient information on ClickCare’s site. The program sends a link to a participating consulting physician, who is able to respond to the photo and information. More...

      SearchHealthIT 2012: Apple co-founder Wozniak -- iPhone mHealth apps simplify healthcare It was no surprise that Apple co-founder and American Telemedicine Association annual meeting keynote speaker Steve Wozniak felt that iPhone mHealth apps would play a role in the future of U.S. healthcare.

      Wozniak went on to say that he loves seeing mHealth apps that enable personal health monitoring, which keeps physicians updated as well as friends and family via social media sharing. Wozniak specifically mentioned ClickCare, a vendor exhibiting an iPhone app [iClickCare] that enables secure image sharing between primary care physicians and specialists. More...

      FierceMobileHealthcare 2012: iClickCare. Think of it as an app for quick consults. The software provides a secure website where physician or nurse users can post photos or information about a thorny patient problem, and receive an official consult from a specialist.

      The company started out with federal grant funding, but transitioned to a per user subscription model for the service. Company officials tell NYT their sales have doubled for the last two years. More...

      Facebook -- Steve Wozniak Live 2012: Read about a mobile health app from ClickCare that helps physicians. [iClickCare, the] Steve Wozniak-approved-mhealth app helps physicians collaborate on care using photos, video. More...

      The New York Times 2012: Vital Signs by Phone, Then, With a Click, a Doctor’s Appointment Doctors and nurses post a photo of and information about a patient’s problem on ClickCare’s secure website. Then a link is sent to a consulting physician who logs in, looks at the data and photos and responds. "This increases a doctor’s ability to collaborate with other physicians quickly, even if they are in very different places," said Lawrence Kerr, COO of ClickCare. More...

      Telehealth & Telecare Aware 2012: Apple's Wozniak predicts at ATA Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, keynoted last week’s ATA with some surprising statements, including: iClickCare [for the Web], a ‘virtual doctors’ lounge’ which lets doctors, specialists and patients collaborate via messaging and image sending online and on mobile [iClickCare for the iPhone], was singled out for praise by the self-admitted ‘gadget guy.’ However, the online version of ClickCare [now iClickCare] has been around since 1995! More...

      ifG.CC -- The Potsdam eGovernment Competence Center 2012: A mobile health app that enables physicians to collaborate with colleagues using text, video and photos received a big boost at the American Telemedicine Association‘s annual conference when it was mentioned by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in a keynote address.

      Wozniak mentioned the iClickCare app from ClickCare as an example of how telemedicine technology can improve patient care. More...

      MobileiHealthNews 2012: Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and keynote speaker at ATA 2012, actually specifically called out one mobile medical app: ClickCare’s iClickCare app, which aims to help physicians to connect with off-site specialists for consultations via iOS devices, according to a report in MedCityNews. The company, which was started by a husband-and-wife physician team, charges users a per month subscription. ClickCare has doubled its sales in each of the last two years, according to MedCityNews. More...

      Health2.0News 2012: Why There's an iClickCare iClickCare is a HIPAA compliant app that helps doctors collaborate through pictures, text, sound and video online and via iPhone. Kerr is a pediatrician and, in 1995, she was a mother of three young children. On top of working and raising her kids, she took up supervising new nurse practitioners in school-based health centers. She literally had to be in two places at once, but couldn’t. That’s how iClickCare came about. More...

      SmartBrief 2012: Apple pioneer promotes iClickCare telehealth app Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak mentioned in a keynote address at the annual conference of the American Telemedicine Association how the iClickCare health application enhances patient care. The mobile app allows doctors to work with colleagues at other locations using medical-related videos, texts and photos. More...

      MedCityNews 2012: Steve Wozniak-approved mHealth app helps physicians collaborate on care using photos, video A mobile health app that enables physicians to collaborate with colleagues using text, video and photos received a big boost at the American Telemedicine Association's annual conference when it was mentioned by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in a keynote address.

      Wozniak mentioned the iClickCare app from ClickCare as an example of how telemedicine technology can improve patient care.

      The mobile app is sold to physicians or health systems on a subscription basis and can be used with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can help primary care physicians more quickly obtain opinions from specialists at different locations.

      The company, which was started by a husband-and-wife physician team, charges a per month user subscription fee for the service and has doubled its sales in each of the last two years, The New York Times reported last month. More...

      The New York Healthcare Innovation Group 2012: Hospitals 2.0 Series -- Reduce Readmission Edition iClickCare is in a class by itself. The company, ClickCare LLC, started in 1995 by two physicians and is now supported throughout the world by multiple hospitals, physician, nurses and information services executives. Other telemedicine systems are expensive and very difficult to operate. iClickCare was designed by physicians and fine-tuned by users over a 12-year period. iClickCare is user-friendly telemedicine, designed to meet your clinicians' needs in caring for the patient.

      ClickCare's service makes use of the digital camera, iPhone, desktop and makes collaboration easy and fun; works securely over the web; is HIPAA compliant and multi-lingual; requires no expensive dedicated equipment; saves all pictures in an archive for teaching; and provides printed summary for third-party payers.

      A picture is worth a thousand words. ClickCare facilitates collaboration between clinicians, students, and family members with pictures and text. More...

      MedicaliPhone 2011: iPhone Medical Apps iClickCare is an enterprise level, mobile-enabled, HIPAA-compliant physician collaboration tool available for the iPhone and iPad developed by ClickCare LLC. The iClickCare system is capable of sharing images, text, audio, and video information in a secure manner.

      iClickCare has a web-based companion (iClickCare for the Web) for use on desktop computers.

      The ClickCare website has an excellent walk through to show how this collaboration tool could help your practice.

      iClickCare appears to be an excellent addition to any wound care or home health practice. More...

      SonomaMedicine 2011: How Smartphones Are Transforming the Practice of Medicine The video chatting and high-def photography capabilities of smartphones, combined with the plethora of diagnostic and other medical apps, herald new possibilities for telemedicine. Programs like iClickCare are already marketing a HIPAA-compliant format for allowing healthcare workers to discuss patients securely with each other via pictures, videos, and text. More...

      Quorum Medicine and Healthcare 2011: Can telemedicine relieve racial disparities in healthcare delivery to low-income minority populations in urban settings? How? To reduce disparities, the focus should be on the patient, and helping that patient overcome the challenges of both distance, but also time. If a telemedicine system can overcome these, then irregardless of race, better care is provided. Rural or urban, the challenge of time is always present. Rural or urban, the time to travel can be the same, even if the distance is shorter.

      The development and corporate philosophy at ClickCare is Access, Collaboration, and Education. The patient needs access to the proper providers, collaboration among those providers is critical, and specific to racial disparity, education of those providers and future ones to follow, about the special needs that disparity brings is critical. More...

      eHealth Radio 2011: Doctors Cheryl & Lawrence Kerr of Clickcare join the show to talk about how Clickcare benefits patients and the health industry. More...

      EMR & EHR, Health and Cloud Computing, A Promising Start, Priya Ramachandran 2011: Access and collaboration between specialists iClickCare, a HIPAA compliant SaaS and iPhone application combines pictures, text, sounds, and videos to improve collaboration between healthcare providers. In one instance, at the Wound Institute in PA, 70 patients were treated solely over ClickCare with an overall healing rate of 93% and an estimated savings of $24,000 in transportation costs. More...

      Appocalypse 2010: iClickCare, updated for iPad and Retina Display, new "Compare Visits" capability, new "Invite Patient" capability for medical participation, bugfixes and performance improvements. iClickCare, a HIPAA compliant software service for licensed medical professionals, enables you and your co-workers, using pictures and words, to be empowered on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or the desktop browser. Collaborate for the patient! More...

      UHS Senior Living 2010: At Ideal in Endicott, NY, recently launched a program that uses telemedicine to provide greater communication among medical practitioners. This web-based service enables nurses at the long-term care facility to collaborate with wound care specialists offsite, gaining valuable recommendations on how to improve care for patients with difficult-to-heal wounds.

      Making this all possible is iClickCare, a web-based, HIPAA compliant software service for medical collaboration that combines pictures, text, sounds and video (most file formats are supported). Developed in 1995 by pediatrician Cheryl Kerr, MD, of UHS Pediatrics Binghamton, and reconstructive surgeon Lawrence Kerr, MD, of UHS Plastic Surgery, iClickCare is easy to master and operate, and requires a computer and a digital camera, or a smartphone, with a broadband Internet connection. More...

      iAppFind 2010: iClickCare is a HIPAA compliant software service for licensed medical professionals. Discuss your patients securely with your colleagues, using photos and words, from your iPhone and over the web. Empower yourself, even on the go! More...

      eWeek 2010: HIPAA compliant iClickCare combines pictures, text, sound and videos, and enables healthcare workers to discuss patients securely over the web with colleagues. The whole process starts with a question or a need for collaboration. A healthcare worker just logs into iClickCare from the iPhone, a laptop or desktop. He/She adds the patient's demographics along with any number of digital photos, videos, sounds or other media. A question about the patient can be asked or a plan of treatment put forth.

      TheProgressivePhysician, Jennifer Flaten 2010: Seeking a second opinion in a clinical setting is often as easy as walking into the next room and asking a colleague. However, it can become much more challenging for those physicians conducting home visits or operating as solo practitioners.

      ClickCare says it has a solution. Doctors can use their iPhones to snap photos and send them securely via the Internet to fellow colleagues on the ClickCare network. This will help those doctors receive instant answers. The mobile consultation allows doctors to prescribe appropriate courses of treatment without having to unnecessarily relocate patients. More... 2009: ClickCare -- Collaboration Software with Images for Telemedicine & Telehealth Professionals Web-based telemedicine and telehealth collaboration, support, practical consultation service for healthcare providers, physicians, doctors, nurses, patients, worldwide. Complete solution with easy, multi-platform visual software.

      Today's WoundClinic 2009: ClickCare, LLC was started in upstate New York in 1995 and is now supported throughout the world. Archives have been expanding since 2001 with the availability of digital cameras [and now taking pictures with a mobile device like the iPhone or iPad]. Medical students and pediatricians are enthusiastic about seeing each others multimedia teaching cases and about getting help from subspecialists. Interest in ClickCare continues to grow because of the need for the increase in collaboration -- designed by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.

      ClickCare [now iClickCare], the telemedicine business that these experiences grew into, is used for problem solving. iClickCare enables multiple providers to collaborate on a case using pictures, words, and video, regardless of where the providers are or when they are able to check the case. iClickCare essentially combines the ease of email, the collaboration of an operating room, the security of HIPAA, and the richness of pictures and graphics. More...

      Michael F. Moore, MD, FACS, CWS, FACCWS; Nanci Dobson, RN, CWCA: and Lisa Castellino, RN, CWCA, Wound Institute & Research Center, Dunmore, PA at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care 2009: Telemedicine technology enhances the ability of physicians to efficiently provide quality diagnostic and management services to problematic long-distance wound patients. Using an internet based model, skilled nursing facilities were able to access wound care consultations resulting in a decrease in transportation costs, more effective and efficient communication with the referring facilities, increase practice productivity and decrease stress to the patient population. Using iClickCare, eight skilled nursing patients or 10.2% required further evaluation and treatment at the Wound Institute, and the remaining 70 patients were able to be treated with an overall healing rate of 93% with an estimated savings of $24,000 in transportation costs in the 3 month period. iClickCare creates an environment of collaboration, mutual support, and exchange of opinion to improve patient care.

      TeleHealthWorld 2009: An online software service, it aids in the collaboration among those who provide healthcare. The service allows doctors and nurses to collaborate from and to anywhere in the world with only a computer, a digital camera and the Internet.

      Medical personnel can log into ClickCare [now iClickCare] to ask a question. They can enter basic demographic information about their patient in question and can include digital photos, videos, sounds or other media with the question. A consultant logs into the system to review questions and can type in the answer. All cases are automatically archived for teaching and future reference.

      The telehealth industry has a need for a ubiquitous, affordable, and facile tool that replaces the telephone because it is as easy to use, but richer in content. The storing of consultations makes continuing education and surveillance a built-in benefit.

      As we enter a period of debate and change, we need to focus on the patient. We are all patients, and we all deserve the right to the best care possible. This care also needs to be efficient because, if it is not, the only path to affordability is denial of care to some of us.

      HomeCare Automation Report 2008: ClickCare extends reach of WOCNs ClickCare is an innovative company that has developed a useful secure online communication system where field nurses can store and forward text and digital photographs. Homecare agency wound care specialists can view them and collaborate with the nurse in the home regarding treatment.

      ClickCare, based in Vestal, New York, was founded by physicians Lawrence and Cheryl Kerr. Dr. Cheryl Kerr, MD, FAAP, set up the first telemedicine link between a school health center and a pediatrician's office.

      Entrepreneur Journeys 2008: ClickCare [now iClickCare] is a web-based service that allows medical practitioners to discuss cases with their colleagues with the use of pictures, text, sound and video. They help practitioners to collaborate and communicate via the web to recommend the best care for their patients.

      [The company] obtained grants from such companies as Verizon and Time Warner Cable. Other support came from organizations such as the Neirmeyer Foundation and the Smile Train. ClickCare has also received government funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission, with matching funds from United Health Services and a planning grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics. More...

      ServoyWorld 2006: ClickCare was awarded the Humanitarian Award for its initiative in guiding the healthcare industry toward better collaboration and decreased costs. Though this initiative is being spearheaded in the United States, there is already interest in the Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Europe. ClickCare started so that a grieving parent did not have to be the general contractor for his own sick child’s medical care, but, instead could begin to expect the professionals to collaborate on their own. And the rest is history!

      Press & Sun Bulletin 2002: In December, the American Academy of Pediatrics awarded the telemedicine project [of ClickCare] a grant through its Community Access to Child Health program.

      Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., supports the project and regularly checks on its progress. "They are clearly a leader in pediatric telemedicine," Clinton said in an email. "Indeed, their telemedicine project is potentially a model that may help improve access to quality healthcare services -- one of our greatest challenges today."

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