• Inspire Students with Telemedicine

  • iClickCare inspires students when they see "yesterday’s great case" - often not possible with video conferencing. Aside from this learning, students, residents, and attendings can collaborate directly for the patient’s benefit.

  • Inspire your students with iClickCare Telemedicine
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  • Aside from learning, iClickCare enables students, residents, and attendings to collaborate on patient cases in a very direct and immediate manner for the patient's benefit. Case Example:

  • iClickCare enables students, residents and attendings to collaborate securely in a direct way for the patient's benefit
  • iClickCare Benefits for you:

    - Continuity of care
    - More job satisfaction
    - Specialty consultations

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  • Medical iPhone Photography
  • Learn to take great clinical photos with your iPhone to collaborate on behalf of your patients.

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