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  • Athletic trainers collaborate using iClickCare so that your athlete gets back in the game - quickly, safely, and without a HIPAA "foul".

  • Care for your athletes using iClickCare
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  • Continuum of Care | Traveling Team Trainer to Home Physician   This basketball player has a small laceration, but there is concern about a concussion. Secure collaboration -- using iClickCare -- with his regular doctor back in the City, provided a treatment that is safe and minimized long term consequences. The basketball player went back to classes but not yet back to the basketball court. Case Example:

  • iClickCare Telemedicine is part of the continuum of care for athletes
  • Your student athletes are away from home, with games on campus and off. How do you help when sickness or injury strikes? iClickCare enables the family physician, trainer, and the team doctor to collaborate securely for the athlete.

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  • iClickCare Medical Collaboration? What is it? Read about the five (5) top collaboration myths and the reasons why it IS essential to collaborate on behalf of the patient!

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