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  • Managed and patient care both profit from coordination. iClickCare delivers this coordination from the Cloud to the iPhone, iPad and the desktop. Everyone is connected.

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  • iClickCare delivers HIPAA secure care coordination for managed care easily and efficiently
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  • iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward® enables a managing organization to provide the best care for their patients while monitoring the cost of treatment. Case Example:

  • iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward enables an organization to provide the best patient care and reducing the cost of treatment
  • iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward® is Managed Care. Send HIPAA secure text, pictures, videos and PDFs about your patient to the consultant or payer. Invite your patient or family member to actively participate.

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  • What is iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward? Read the Quick Guide to find out how SnF can help your patients!

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