• Products:   iClickCare Tech Specifications

    • General Tech

    • Two Components: iClickCare is a SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud-based application with two components. iClickCare for the Web is the full application component running in a standard modern browser. iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad is the mobile app component, and a subset of iClickCare for the Web. The core functionality, and security is the same for both.

      iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad offers a seamless integration of photos, videos and text messaging with patient visits.

      iClickCare for the Web adds networking, coverage, on-call, and administrative management for organizations/facilities as additional key features.

    • Standards-based Tech

    • Standards-based: iClickCare for the Web can run on a personal computer or Smartphone in these browsers: Microsoft IE 6 and higher; Apple Safari 4.0 and higher; Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and higher; Google Chrome 6.0 and higher.

      Native iOS: iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad is a native application written entirely in Objective C, and uses the Apple iOS (4 and above) application programming interface (API) to communicate over the internet with the iClickCare application. iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad is supported on an iOS 4 (or higher) device.

      Cross-platform: iClickCare for the Web can be deployed on any computer running these operating systems: Windows (XP and above); Mac OS X (10.3 and above); Linux; as well as handheld PDAs, Smartphones, and SMS-compliant devices that support those operating systems.

    • Media Support Tech

    • Media Support: The HIPAA secure iClickCare Camera Roll can be accessed on any iOS device that has a camera. Images are taken and stored in PNG format. iClickCare for the Web supports photo uploads in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, or PDF formats with thumbnails; PDFs are limited to 10MB. iPhone video in MOV format is supported on both iClickCare for the Web and iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad, as long as it is no larger than 10MB and no longer than 15 seconds.

      PDF Support: iClickCare for the Web uses industry standard PDF technology for creating and outputting reports. Documents can be stored with patient visits in PDF format.

    • Security Tech

    • HIPAA Security: Both iClickCare for the Web and iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad support full 128-bit encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for confidential transmission of patient data and media. Additional HIPAA security has been built into all layers of iClickCare.

      ANSI-92 SQL: iClickCare manages all front-end connections to the fully-compliant ANSI-92 SQL database servers running in the backend, providing the level of security, performance, stability and maintainability necessary for 24/7 operation.

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