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  • Features Professional™ Enterprise™
    iClickCare for your iPhone/iPad FREE Download
    iClickCare for your Web (Browser): Cross-platform
    Network Setup: Invite colleagues for consultation
    Receive Alerts: For consults and network requests
    Add patients, visits, pictures, video, audio, PDFs
    Assign Coverage, On-Call, Delegate responsibilities
    Two-way patient communication
    Compare patient visits
    Chronological archive of all patient visits
    iClickCare email support
    Administrative access and management  
    ClickCare Help Desk: 24/7  
  • Take good clinical photographs with the iPhone to collaborate on behalf of the patient. More...
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One Surprising Reason You Don't Have Time for Healthcare Collaboration

How iClickCare Telemedicine can help when there is no time for healthcare collaboration

According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, healthcare providers' days aren't taken up by patient care. Physicians spend twice as much time on the EHR and desk work than seeing patients, based on 430 hours of observing of 57 physicians in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Orthopedics in four different states.More...

Healthcare BYOD and HIPAA Security.

iClickCare is a solution to HIPAA security and the BYOD movement

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is taking the healthcare industry by storm. Healthcare institutions are being forced to support the BYOD movement, creating and enforcing policies preventing unauthorized access to confidential patient information; and protecting the medical facility from legal actions and penalties as a result of HIPAA non-compliance.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to Medical Collaboration
  • iClickCare Medical Collaboration? What is it? Collaboration myths debunked and more!

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