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    • Hybrid Store-and-Forward Advantages

    • STORE Everything Securely: You can examine your patient, take pictures or video of the patient's condition, describe in detail what symptoms, physical condition you are presented with, and your diagnosis, include all of the patient's demographics, and store ALL that data in one place in a record of your patient's visit -- HIPAA secure.

      FORWARD Data Securely: When you need to collaborate with other medical providers about your patient's condition, or when your patient might need an opinion/treatment by a specialist, you can forward everything stored in that patient's visit securely.

      No Video Conferencing Needed: You don't need to pre-schedule video conferencing time. You can request a consultation with your colleague and he/she can respond in his/her own time.

      Collaborate Simultaneously with Multiple Colleagues: If you are not sure about the best treatment for your patient, you can collaborate with more than one colleague -- at the same time.

      No Needless Referrals: You do not have to needlessly send your patient to a specialist or another medical provider, without first determining the best referral for that patient.

      No Telephone Tag: You do not need to play "telephone tag" with another colleague, and possibly delay providing your patient with the best and most efficient care.

      Reimbursement: You and the medical provider(s) you collaborate with, could be paid for Store-and-Forward Telemedicine consultation. Some providers don't expect to charge, like a telephone consultation.

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    • What are the benefits of iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward?

    • 100% HIPAA Compliant: All iClickCare patient visit images and text are stored and transmitted with full HIPAA compliance. Products: iClickCare PHI Security

      No Special Equipment: iClickCare can be used on a laptop, or desktop computer AND on your mobile smartphone or tablet. On a computer or any smartphone, all you need is a modern web browser and a cellular or WIFI connection. iClickCare is also optimized for use on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod). Products: iClickCare General Requirements

      Minimal Cost Per Month: The cost per user is at most only $150/month per user. Volume discounts are available for organizations with multiple users. Pricing: Overview

      No Software to Install: There is no software that needs to be installed or run locally for use with a modern web browser. iClickCare for the Web can be run on both Windows and Mac computers. You can login to iClickCare for the Web directly from the Login menu of the iClickCare website. Products: iClickCare General Requirements

      You can download iClickCare for the iPhone and iPad FREE from the Apple App Store.

      Simple to Use: The iClickCare user interface is simple for anyone to use. You do not need to be technically savvy. iClickCare enables you to create and view patient visits; to add as many images -- still or short video, in addition to images of ECGs, EEGs, X-Rays, Audiograms, and PDF documents -- as you need to for each patient visit; and to type text in a chat format with the most recent entry at the top listed by date and time, similar to Yahoo Messenger or Skype. How To: Getting Started with iClickCare

      iClickCare Online Help is also available:

      iClickCare for the iPhone: Online Help
      iClickCare for the iPad: Online Help
      iClickCare for the Web: Online Help

      Text and Images are Not Stored Locally: You can take and store high-quality secure patient pictures or videos using an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod) with a camera once you are logged into iClickCare and using the iClickCare Camera Roll. Images and text added to each patient visit are encrypted using 128bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, and stored in a "HIPAA-secure Cloud" to a 24/7 high-security server, NOT on any local computer, or mobile device. Products: iClickCare Tech Specifications

      Collaborate with Multiple Colleagues at the Same Time: Multiple medical providers who have permission to view particular patient visits can have full access to all images or text at the same time.

      Invite 2-way Patient and Family Communication: A patient or family member can be securely invited to view and actively add images and text to a specific patient visit. Other patient information is not accessible and remains confidential. How It Works: Ask Your Question

      Compare Patient Visits: iClickCare enables a medical provider to quickly and easily compare and evaluate the progression of treatment for a particluar patient.

      Visual Patient Visit Archive: Each patient visit in iClickCare can be assigned a marquee image - one thumbnail that represents and identifies that patient visit. All patient visits are easily accessible in either a searchable list or an archive of marquee images. How It Works: All Cases are Archived

      Network with Your Colleagues: iClickCare enables you as an individual, or as the administrator of an organization, to create and communicate with your own network of colleagues.

    • What is Store and Forward (SnF)?

    • History: Store and Forward technology was developed before the advent of the internet. Text information was entered in a computer, stored on a connected server, and then transmitted to another computer using a physically-wired network between the two computers and the server.

      The transmitted information was not secure in any way. Store and Forward was preferred in situations with longer delays in transmissions, or where direct end-to-end connection (like a telephone) was not available.

      Legacy Store and Forward Telemedicine: Often, store and forward telemedicine is administered with special equipment; can be costly (up to $1000/month per user); includes installation of an internet web-based module or proprietary software that can be opened on a local computer, or viewed in a Windows (only) browser; uses a complex form-based non-intuitive user interface that enables local storage of data and the forward transmission of an uploaded document, or image to a single provider at a time; in many cases, can transmit to a members-only group of a proprietary network; and may have only partial HIPAA compliance.

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