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  • iClickCareProfessional™: For the medical professional who has an independent practice or specialty; and may be affiliated with an organization or facility.

    iClickCareProfessional™ enables you to consult with your own network of colleagues; to send and receive collaboration requests using text, pictures, video, audio, and even PDFs; to set up Coverage and On-Call privileges when you are away; and assign delegates who work with you -- full access via your desktop browser, iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

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A New Study Asks: Are Telemedicine's Barriers Too Big to Overcome?

Are Telemedicine's barriers to big to overcome?

A recent article called The State of Teleheath, written by respected colleagues in the New England Journal of Medicine, looks at the challenges telemedicine and telehealth face as technology, listing the prominent trends in medicine, the potential barriers to telemedicine and telehealth and what they consider to be legitimate solutions.More...

Can a Team Do as Well at Care Coordination as a Single Provider Can?

iClickCare enables a team to do as well as a single provider at care coordination

The "classic" picture of good care, the family doctor knowing the patient's needs, is non-existent these days with increased demand on care. The idea of a single provider caring for a patient is no longer the case. Today medical providers work as teams, using tools like iClickCare that enable collaboration and ensure the patient is at the center of care.More...

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  • iClickCare Medical Collaboration? What is it? Collaboration myths debunked and more!

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