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    • General FAQs

    • Q: How long has iClickCare been around?
      A: The company, ClickCare LLC, was started in 1995. The first subscription service, offered by the company in 1996, is now known as ClickCare Classic. In 2010, with the expanded adoption of smartphone apps led by the Apple iPhone, iClickCare was announced. About Us: ClickCare History

      Q: Can you purchase an iClickCare subscription combined with an iPhone or iPad?
      A: No. iClickCare is a monthly subscription-based service application that can be accessed on YOUR iPhone, iPad or your computer browser. You cannot purchase an iOS device from ClickCare LLC.

      There are two different types of subscription plans. iClickCareProfessional™ is a product developed for the medical professional that has his/her own practice. iClickCareEnterprise™ is a product intended for organizations of three or more members. Products: Compare iClickCare Subscription Plans

      Q: How secure is iClickCare?
      A: Full HIPAA compliance has been built into iClickCare. The confidential Personal Health Information (PHI) for each of your patients is safe with iClickCare. Products: iClickCare PHI Security

      Q: What about liability?
      A: Responsibility stays with the medical provider who requests the initial collaboration, unless the patient is physically transferred to another provider.

      Q: Is iClickCare patented?
      A: ClickCare LLC has multiple registered trademarks and 3 Patents Pending with the USPTO, the most recent one by PCT for international protection.

    • Ease of Use FAQs

    • Q: How easy is it to start using iClickCare?
      A: iClickCare is very easy to learn. Because you can use iClickCare for the Web in any standard browser, there is no application that needs to be installed; and no firewall or Java issues to be concerned about. How To: Getting Started with iClickCare

      Q: What technical know-how do I need to use iClickCare?
      A: None. iClickCare is designed to be used by any medical professional – regardless of their computer knowledge. If you are familiar with other iPhone/iPad apps, you should need very little training to start using iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad. iClickCare for the Web only requires that you have a standard browser on your computer and a (recommended) high speed internet connection.

      iClickCareProfessional™ users have access to email-based tech support. iClickCareEnterprise™ includes in-depth training, 24/7 ongoing help and support as part of the subscription service. Online Help is also available.

      iClickCare for the iPhone: Online Help
      iClickCare for the iPad: Online Help
      iClickCare for the Web: Online Help

    • Clinical Overview FAQs

    • Q: Can I include my patient or family members in iClickCare?
      A: Yes. You, as a medical provider, have two-way communication with the patient or family member. Once you invite your patient or member of the family to a particular visit, he/she can add pictures, videos, and text to that visit.

      How It Works: Ask Your Question

      Q: Do I need to manually arrange the order of patient visits?
      A: No. iClickCare automatically, organizes your patient's visits and archives the pictures, videos and data for each patient, by visit date for easy retrieval, review or teaching.

      How It Works: All Cases are Archived

      Q: Do I need to consult with iClickCare Network members?
      A: No. iClickCare is an "open system". With iClickCareProfessional™, you can create your own network of colleagues. iClickCareEnterprise™ includes an admin level access to create a network of providers for you, and enables organization members access to create their own personal networks.

      Q: Can I use iClickCare when I am "out of town"?
      A: Yes. As long as you have a WIFI or cellular high speed (recommended) internet connection, you can login to iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad. To login to iClickCare for the Web, you also need a modern standard browser on your computer. Products: iClickCare General Requirements

      Q: Can an assistant type in comments for another provider's patients?
      A: That assistant can login and view or enter data only as a "delegate" for that provider's patients.

      Q: Is iClickCare the same as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR)?
      A: No. iClickCare is a communication service where pictures, videos, PDF documents can be combined with messaging and relevant patient visit information in a format that is much easier to review and focuses on patient care. The EMR/EHR is only related to billing and regulations.

      Q: Can iClickCare integrate with electronic medical records (EMR/EHR)?
      A: Yes. iClickCare can be linked to EMRs/EHRs or a PDF of the visit can be made and attached to the EMR/EHR. In addition, the iClickCare visit can be used as an abbreviated record for interesting teaching cases.

    • Pricing FAQs

    • Q: How are iClickCare collaborations reimbursed?
      A: Collaborations are reimbursed by state decision, specified codes and code utilization. Pricing: Reimbursement

      Q: What subscription plans are available for iClickCare?
      A: iClickCare is a healthcare subscription-based software service with two plans – Enterprise, and Professional. Products: Compare iClickCare Subscription Plans

      Q: What is the pricing structure for iClickCare?
      A: iClickCareEnterprise™ is based on a per user/per month scale; volume discounts are available for medical organizations/facilities. . iClickCareProfessional™ is based on a fixed per month or discounted annual subscription fee. Pricing: Overview

    • Requirements FAQs

    • Q: What are the general requirements of iClickCare?
      A: iClickCare enables you to collaborate with a medical caregiver, using HIPAA secure still images, videos, and text messaging for each patient over the internet – on your computer or iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). Products: iClickCare General Requirements

      Q: What equipment do I need to take pictures/video clips?
      A: You can login to iClickCare for the iPhone/iPad, take and store pictures/video clips in the secure iClickCare Camera Roll with any iOS device that has a built-in camera. Products: iClickCare General Requirements

      If you don't have an iOS device with a camera, you can take a picture with a digital camera (3 megapixels or greater), upload the image file to your computer, login to iClickCare for the Web and save the picture with the corresponding patient visit. Video clips (15sec maximum) are best taken with the your iOS device. Products: iClickCare General Requirements

      Q: What type of computer do I need to use iClickCare for the Web?
      A: iClickCare for the Web can be used on any computer with a Windows (XP and above), Mac (OS X 10.3 and above), or Linux operating system in a modern standard browser. Products: iClickCare Tech Specifications

      Q: Is iClickCare a video conferencing or telemonitoring solution?
      A: No. You do not need to buy expensive video conferencing equipment to use iClickCare. You don't need a "special collaboration room". iClickCare consultations can be done at the convenience of the healthcare provider, so you don't need to pre-schedule a video conferencing session. All you need is a high speed (recommended) WIFI or cellular internet access, and your computer with a browser, or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Products: iClickCare Tech Specifications

      Q: What are the technical specifications of iClickCare?
      A: iClickCare is HIPAA secure, technology standards-based, cross-platform, and supports a full-compliant ANSI-92 SQL database backend. Products: iClickCare Tech Specifications

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