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  • iClickCareEnterprise™: For organizations that employ three (3) or more medical professionals; or that have more than one department as part of their organization.

    iClickCareEnterprise™ provides you with full administrative access and management. A ClickCare Consultant will help you begin using iClickCare quickly with step-by-step training for your staff to demonstrate how you can take even better care of your patients, accomplish more with less, and greatly increase your ROI.

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A New $5 Million Fine Sets a HIPAA Record

A five million dollar fine sets a HIPAA record

HIPAA needs to be taken seriously. Advocate Health Care, having grown as an integrated healthcare system since 1995, was part of a $5.55 million settlement with the Office of Human Rights (OCR), which is the Federal agency responsible for the enforcement of HIPAA. iClickCare is 100% HIPAA Compliant and can help you avoid breaches and fines. More...

Why HIPAA Waivers Don't Happen + How to Stay Safe Without Them

Why HIPAA waivers don't happen but you can be safe without them using iClickCare

Medical professionals too often email and text patient information. But texting a consult, emailing a picture, or even talking about a case in an elevator are all HIPPA violations. HIPAA waivers don't exist. But it CAN be simple to stay HIPAA compliant. iClickCare provides a solution that enables medical professionals to collaborate using text, take and send pictures or videos -- all completely HIPAA secure.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to HIPAA Checklist and Toolkit
  • This abstracted checklist from ClickCare has what you need to know to begin your required HIPAA audit.

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