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Telemedicine Study in California Shows ROI of 200%

California Telemedicine study shows a ROI of two hundred percent

University of California Davis Children's Hospital researched the cost for actively maintaining a telemedicine program, compared with eight rural emergency departments for six years. Their research found a $1.96 return on investment (ROI) for each telemedicine dollar spent, as well as an improvement in quality, safety and patient satisfaction. More...

Telemedicine -- One Tool for Wound Care Nurses' Exceptional Work

iClickCare is instrumental in Wound Care nurses exceptional work

Wound care nurses, WOCNs, have an exceptional understanding of the need to collaborate on behalf of their patients. iClickCare was designed to support HIPPA compliant rich media, enabling a visual progress of wounds vist-by-visit, avoiding the necessity for written orders, and enabling an "onset immediate" surgeon a secure visit over the internet using a mobile device like an iPhone. More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to Medical Collaboration
  • iClickCare Medical Collaboration? What is it? Collaboration myths debunked and more!

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