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    Annual Contract. Based on the number of users. iClickCare for the Web, iClickCare for the iPad, and iClickCare for the iPhone printed user guides are available to training staff.

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Patient Handoffs Are Broken. This Study Gives an Easy Fix.

iClickCare is an easy fix to broken patient handoffs

The patient handoff, when data and responsibility are shared, and then assigned from one medical provider to another, is broken -- in part, by unintended consequences of reduced duty hours. Issues related to these handoffs can be significantly mitigated by technology-enabled healthcare collaboration like that provided by iClickCare. More...

4 Telemedicine Trends that Will Affect How You Practice

Four Telemedicine trends that will affect how you practice medicine

Healthcare providers might ignore the trends and politics happening around them. But changes like HIPAA rules affect those providers whether or not they are paying attention. Another change is the growing trend to use telemedicine to care for patients, that will affect, going forward, how providers practice medicine.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to HIPAA Checklist and Toolkit
  • This abstracted checklist from ClickCare has what you need to know to begin your required HIPAA audit.

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