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Are Families Part of Healthcare Collaboration?

Families are a vital part of healthcare collaboration with iClickCare

Unlike personal care or emotional support, which requires hands-on care, there are tasks where other family members can help. In iClickCare, "Invite Patient" is a way for caregivers to be part of the healthcare collaboration happening for their loved one. Good care results in good outcomes. Everything in iClickCare is for the providers and patients. More...

What a Patient's Family Photos Have to do With Telemedicine

What do patient family photos have to do with Telemedicine?

Taking a moment to look at family photos helps to appreciate the patient before they were sick. These days reduced to seeing patients in 6-minute windows and entering data in EMRs, providers just process conditions as part of an assembly line. Telemedicine collaboration in general, and iClickCare in particlular, is an efficient, thoughtful, low cost model of telehealth that cares for people with medical conditions.More...

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  • This abstracted checklist from ClickCare has what you need to know to begin your required HIPAA audit.

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