• Pricing:   Reimbursement Suggestions

  • The Requesting Provider:
    - Bill using the appropriate E&M Code 99211-99215
    - Bill based on the time spent collaborating
    - Charge a remote site facility fee Q3014
    - Check if the patient’s insurance company needs a prior authorization
    - Text the pre-authorization information and patient insurance plan to the consultant

    The Consulting Provider:
    - 99201-99205 Outpatient initial assessment
    - 99211-99215 Outpatient re-assessment
    - G0425 Inpatient initial problem focused
    - G0426 Inpatient initial detailed 50 min
    - G0427 Inpatient comprehensive
    - G0406 Inpatient followup 15 min
    - G0407 Inpatient followup 25 min
    - G0408 Inpatient followup 35 min

  • Consulting provider reimbursement codes
    require either:
    GT - Videoconferencing telehealth modifier
    GQ - Store and Forward telehealth modifier

    Reimbursement assured with rural designation

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  • Reimbursement varies from state to state, and, in the long run, helps the patient.

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