• Step 2: Share a Picture Securely

  • Send pictures with your text: Why would your patient have foot drop on the right? Will an orthopedist, a neurologist, or a neurosurgeon know best? Taking the secure picture(s) or video clip with iClickCare records the problem to query all three.

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  • The second step to collaborate using iClickCare Telemedicine is to take secure pictures and videos of the patient's condition
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  • With iClickCare, three consultants collaborated with the primary care physician at the same time. As a result, the neurosurgeon promptly scheduled an examination of the girl, and successfully removed the confirmed spinal cord tumor in an operation. Case Example:

  • iClickCare enabled three consultants to securely share a video of the patient's condition
  • Learn to take great clinical pictures on the iPhone. iClickCare uses images to improve communication. Cases may be made or viewed on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptop, or the desktop shared securely.

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  • Medical iPhone Photography
  • Want to take great HIPAA compliant secure clinical photos with your iPhone to collaborate on behalf of your patients? Now you can with iClickCare.

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