• Step 4: Get a Response from Your Colleague

  • Receive the response wherever you are: With iClickCare, the remote colleague gets notified by iPhone/iPad alert and email. As soon as he or she responds to your collaboration request, you will have help on your patient’s diagnosis and care.

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  • The fourth step in using iClickCare Telemedicine is to get a response from the colleague you sent a collaboration request to
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  • Using iClickCare, the primary care physician sent a collaboration request to a colleague who responded with a recommended treatment for the patient's condition. Case Example:

  • The Primary Care Provider sent a request for collaboration using iClickCare to a colleague who then responded with a recommended treatment
  • The consulting provider logs into iClickCare on the iPhone/iPad or a computer, and collaborates on the case with his/her comments – automatically notifying in return along with a response to the original question.

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