• Step 5: Cases are Archived Automatically

  • Text and pictures are archived: iClickCare case visits are automatically organized and added to a searchable consult list with a visual archive for an easy and quick retrieval as needed.

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  • All patient cases including text, pictures, videos about a patient's condition and treatment are automatically archived and can be easily retrieved
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  • iClickCare automatically archives each patient visit, including a selected photo or video of that visit. As a result, the medical provider can visually compare the progress of a patient's treatment, separate from the full archive. Case Example:

  • Text, photos, videos and even pdfs included as part of a patient visit are securely archived and can be used to compare patient progress
  • In iClickCare, every action is HIPAA secure. Each patient visit; picture, video, PDF added to a patient visit; and collaborative comment is entirely protected and confidential.
    How to search/view an existing patient visit

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