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The Surprising Reason Bigger Hospitals Don't Mean Lower Costs

Why bigger hospitals do not mean lower costs

When hospital systems become larger and more consolidated, studies seem to be showing that costs actually increase. Patient care is siloed, by organizational structures, by geography, by workflow, and with the tools we use. EMRs and EHRs keep us from being able to collaborate even within the same organization. Balls get dropped and care suffers.More...

Are You Making HIPAA Mistakes in Sending Medical Photos Online?

Are you being HIPAA compliant sending patient photos online?

Because medical providers are using their smart devices to take pictures of their patient's condition, the question of how to send medical photos securely over the internet is becoming even more important. As with texting patient information, you can't text photos unless you use a secure device. HIPAA does not allow just texting from your smartphone even if all you are sending is a photo.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to HIPAA Checklist and Toolkit
  • This abstracted checklist from ClickCare has what you need to know to begin your required HIPAA audit.

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