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Telemedicine Is About Making Medicine More Human, Not Higher Tech

iClickCare Telememdicine is about making medicine more human

The family doctor has always treated the whole person. But these days, it is harder for providers to give care in this way. It’s not enough just to address the medical problem. How a person is feeling emotionally needs to be acknowledged and explored. iClickCare Telemedicine has everything to do with making medicine more human.More...

Why Simpler (and Cheaper) Solutions Are Care Coordination Winners

Care coordination can be a simpler and cheaper solution using iClickCare

The Pay for Service system is shifting to a Pay for Performance system. Not everything is reimbursement driven, but is probably culture and effort driven. It is vital to communicate. iClickCare makes collaboration and communication easy, delightful and efficient. And now that telemedicine is being recognized, reimbursement options are catching up.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to Hybrid Store-and-Forward
  • What is iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward? Read the Quick Guide to find out how SnF can help your patients!

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