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Is the Telemedicine Era Actually Finally Here? Why?

Is the Telemedicine era really here?

Many people still don't know what Telemedicine is. But Telemedicine is gaining momentum at individual, hospital and governmental levels. In 1924, Radio News documented a doctor seeing a patient via a television link. In the mid-90s, Clickcare used bulky cameras and a network of enthusiastic nurse practitioners to connect pediatricians to in-school nurses' offices.More...

10 Unexpected Reasons Telemedicine Helps Decrease Healthcare Costs

How Telemedicine can actually help decrease healthcare costs

Healthcare plans, like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, are reporting rate increases for the coming year. These rising costs are felt acutely by individuals and families buying health insurance, by hospitals and healthcare providers. Part of the reason for the swelling support of Telemedicine and iClickCare is because of the context of rising medical costs.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to Hybrid Store-and-Forward
  • What is iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward? Read the Quick Guide to find out how SnF can help your patients!

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