June 12, 2012

Take a picture. Save a life.

In this issue of the ClickCare Newsletter:

- Invite Patient.
- ClickCare on Pinterest.
- NEW Secure interchange of PDFs.
- Love Anywhere. Anytime.

Invite Patient:  Good Care. Good Meaningful Use Stage 2.

Invite Patient

An important part of Health IT and a crucial part of good patient care is patient involvement. This has been integral to ClickCare's mission since its very beginnings. Of course, the Meaningful Use Stage 2 provisions dictate patient involvement.

Our "INVITE PATIENT" button allows not only review of the collaboration, but also the patient or family member can insert a picture or add a comment to better express the patient's problem being discussed.

See the beauty and the many interests among ClickCare fans.

ClickCare on Pinterest

Pinterest has nearly five million users and is catching on like wildfire.

ClickCare has beautiful and informative boards on Pinterest. They offer a variety of broader, richer and lighter resources for all who take care of patients.

Come check them out and add your own special beauty!

NEW, Secure PDFs can be uploaded.

Secure PDFs

This feature has many important implications. Even beyond the photographic formats of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF, a PDF can be uploaded. The maximum file size is 10 MB. The ability to collaborate with pictures and words is important. Adding a PDF is a big deal. Now we can transmit a lengthy text document for in-depth discussion by the collaborators regardless of format or software.

Interoperability? This is an easy, no installation way to begin.

Access your cases anywhere, anytime.

telemedicine is about to launch

We live in a mobile world. iClickCare let's you take care of patients shift to shift, inside and outside the walls of home or hospital.

Clearly, this benefits patients. Once users start, they don't ever want it taken away from them, as caught on this Candid 10 Second Video Clip! 


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