April 18, 2012

Take a picture. Save a life.

In this issue of the ClickCare Newsletter:

- Join us in San Jose April 28th to May 2nd at ATA 2012.
- ClickCare identified as top innovative company in the NY Times.
- Top 8 apps for the medical office and more.

On Call settings You used to collaborate! In San Jose, ATA 2012, see how easy it is again.

The exciting American Telemedicine Association Conference, the 17th Annual International Meeting and Expo April 29 - May 1, is the place to be! Since iClickCare was developed BY and FOR providers, we want to understand and respond to your needs and wishes. Please make an appointment so we can exchange ideas during the meeting.

You can request an appointment time here Saturday through Tuesday. >>

Look for our banner: iClickCare -- More than an App. And please stop by Booth #249. It is near the seating in the back left of the exhibit hall.

medical collaboration in the New York TImesClickCare and Four Other Innovative Companies in the New York Times

ClickCare is proud to be listed as a top innovative and disruptive company by The New York Times. The reporter Eilene Zimmerman was extremely careful about being accurate and was doing fact-checking right up to 10 PM the night before the online version was published. The next morning, the article also appeared in the print edition. The combination of the five companies was really quite interesting. Each looked at the elephant of healthcare from a different perspective. Readers were enthusiastic about the innovations.

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iClickCare coverage iClickCare coverage More coverage from Medical Office Today and FierceMobileHealthcare

Last month, Medical Office Today chose and published "8 Popular Apps for Medical Practices". ClickCare was the poster child for the graphic and the only one that focused on collaboration. The author, Daniel Casciato, noted, "smartphones and tablets continue to be game-changing communication and interactive tools for medical practices today. As a result, the market is flooded with apps to pair with your latest technology gadget." To be singled out as one of 8 is an honor.

Sara Jackson, editor of FierceMobileHealthcare, a well respected health newsletter, summarized both The New York Times and the Medical Office Today articles and noted that they "contained some intriguing financial tidbits, indicating how the new companies will actually make money on their new creations."

FierceMobileHealthcare >>

Medical Office Today >>

A Broader Perspective

We obsess about every aspect of what we do as we work to improve collaboration on behalf of the patient. Thus, we would have loved to have seen something more than "how they make money."

We care strongly about social impact. We also focus on the number of patients who have been helped, the number of physicians who become less stressed, more satisfied and enthusiastic, and the number of learners who can see what they would have otherwise missed.

Caring about social impact can sometimes be too big to deal with. So, as you use iClickCare, irrespective of your role in the healthcare hierarchy, you will notice the immense satisfaction of helping a single patient. That act of helping can come in different forms -- access to care that would not have been available, faster and easier diagnoses, less pain with wound care, and "Great Case Cures."

As the healthcare debate intensifies, and accountable care, coordination of care, and medical homes come more and more to the fore, it will be ever more important to count things other than dollars saved or made.