March 29, 2012

Take a picture. Save a life.

In this issue of the ClickCare Newsletter:

- Medical iPhone Photography--four ways to get it now.
- Join us in San Jose April 28th to May 2nd at ATA 2012.
- New video about coverage and on call with iClickCare.

On Call settings Medical iPhone Photography is now available as a bound book.

The deluxe version of Medical iPhone Photography is designed to be put in your pocket. Indeed, it is the exact size of the iPhone itself. Brief and concise, it shares over 30 years experience in medical photography from practicing physicians.

It falls into the long tradition of Harriet Lane's handbooks, American Heart Associations color-coded cards or even, your dog-eared crib notes.

Learn as your “earn.” In no time you will have a new skill that will benefit your patients and make your iClickCare collaborations even more valuable.

Buy the Kindle version here >>

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Buy the Paper Deluxe Version here >>

many types of providersLet's get together in San Jose at ATA 2012!

We look forward to talking to our colleagues and customers. We also look forward to meeting new friends. Sharing our passion for empowering providers to easily care for their patients and offer reassurance and satisfaction at the same time... is something we can't pass up.

Request an appointment Saturday through Tuesday. >>

iClickCare coverageA New Video is available. Do You Know How to be Off Call?

You can be off call and still check on your patients when you get back. You can choose someone to cover (with their permission, of course). When you get back, the responses are in the Everything Else part of your List. See our new video for a complete explanation.

See the video and learn how to have more free time. >>