September 7, 2011

Take a picture. Save a life.

A school nurse with two childrenCompare Over Time

It is always wonderful to see progress over time... with a healing wound, an improving xray, or an awakening spirit.

This baby still doesn't sleep at night, but, seeing this sequence her mom said: "I forgot how cute she was." What a delight to have permission to share her growth with folks interested in iClickCare.


Improve Your iClickCare Todo ListImprove Your To-Do List

"Incoming Consults" and "Consults Pending" can be adjusted by adding a comment and/or clicking the Move button. When the case visit is in "Everything Else", only the first 30 will show unless you click Show All.

The Favorites star helps you decide which cases are displayed. Inside the iClickCare camera roll, old, unused pictures can be moved to the Trash. Contact ClickCare if you need certain trial cases deleted.

Read more in the Online_Web_Help.pdf (pg 14) >>

ISCFS logoSet Your Timezone

Settings > Profile > TimeZone

Please choose your timezone when you are setting up your iClickCare password and inserting your picture.

If you don't select your own, the timezone will be Eastern by default.

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