July 31, 2011

Take a picture. Save a life.

iClickCare Tips & Tricks: "Invite View-Only" Can Include the Family

iClickCare View-Only on the Web

"This is wonderful! I could see directly what the consultative surgeon said about my husband, and if his hand movements change, I can add a new video clip for discussion." ...Esther Smith

Occasionally, family members (or someone such as a discharge planner or insurer) may request an Invite to View Only.

After the secret password has been shared by phone or in person, the family member receives a link by email. This iClickCare invite opens up a very private and secure view of the medical collaboration for that particular visit. The invitee may add a comment, view subsequent responses in the collaboration, and even add a picture.

For more details, please go to www.clickcare.com/pdf/Online_Web_Help.pdf