June 6, 2011

Bringing You Collaboration at the Speed of Life

Timezone mapYour Timezone

Settings > Profile > TimeZone

Please choose your timezone when you are setting up your password and inserting your picture.

If you don’t select one, by default it will be Eastern Standard Time. Getting help when needed is all about time, and ClickCare wants yours to be just right.

Spring flowersSpring Cleaning

Consults > List

Incoming Consults and Consults Pending can be "cleaned up" by adding a comment and/or clicking the Move button. When the case visit is in Everything Else, only the first 30 will show unless you click Show All.

The Favorites star helps with customizing which cases are displayed. Inside the ClickCare camera roll... old, unused pictures can be moved to the Trash.

Invite View-OnlyPage from user guide showing view only

Consults > List > Visit

This feature has been long awaited!
It is a big deal because now, securely, a family member or a special guest can obtain direct access to one particular visit.

That invitee may see the collaboration done on his behalf and may even add a picture or a comment for consideration by the collaborators.

For more details, please go to: http://www.clickcare.com/pdf/Online_Web_Help.pdf