May 3, 2011

Collaborate Today

Win the iPod TouchHello!

Julie Lindfors of Austin Texas won the iPod drawing for April 2011. Congratulations Julie!  According to the internet, Julie is a board certified wound care nurse with over 12 years of experience in caring for patients with wounds. She is also an award winning author and popular speaker. The iPod is on its way to Austin, and the facts from the survey are as follows:

How many colleagues do you collaborate with? between 4 and 100; Julie said 9. What is your preferred method of collaboration? face to face or technical; Julie said email. What would help you collaborate more easily? easy to use and secure technology.

Each and every one of you, trying so hard in healthcare, are shaping the future. Together we will make a real difference!

Best regards and good luck,
The ClickCare team

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