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Transforming Long Term Care Through Telemedicine

iClickCare Telemedicine is helping to transform Long Term Care

For older people in our country, particularly in today’s economy, it is hard to put together a care plan that balances good medical care with needs for independence -- and interdependence. Costs are higher than ever and with people living longer, more productive lives, these decisions are increasingly important. iClickCare helps to provide the best care for long term patients and makes a real difference in cost savings including Outpatient Referrals, Home Care, and Physical Therapy.More...

Why Teaching Healthcare Collaboration Is Impossible -- and Necessary.

Teaching healthcare collabotation is necessary and collaboration is the key to iClickCare Telemedicine

Case Western Reserve University Health Education is embarking on a $500 million joint project with the Cleveland Clinic to teach healthcare collaboration. Collaboration is the key to iClickCare telemedicine. A collaborative approach practiced from the start could radically transform the care of patients.More...

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