• CMOs and Attendings Use Telemedicine

  • Attendings and Chief Medical Officers need to keep up with every medical advance. iClickCare enables you to efficiently check with a colleague who has direct experience with that newest drug or treatment while attending to life-threatening situations.

  • Chief Medical Officers and Attendings use iClickCare to take the best care of patients
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  • iClickCare helps you save lives. Often you would like to check on a colleague's direct experience with a new advance. You and your staff don’t have to work alone. Simply use this technology for collaboration. Case Example:

  • iClickCare enables you to check on a colleague's direct experience with a new advance
  • iClickCare Benefits for you:

    - Continuity of care
    - More job satisfaction
    - Specialty consultations

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  • What is iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward? Read the Quick Guide to find out how SnF can help your patients!

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