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  • Julia R. Fracassa, Nurse, Guest Relations Coordinator, In Step Children's Home, Kenya, Africa: "Being a missionary nurse in a rural area in Africa, the ability to obtain a high-quality consult in a timely manner is usually strenuous, expensive, and impractical, with a patient outcome usually disproportionate to the amount of effort required. Personally, having little experience with certain conditions, even those that are benign or 'run-of-the-mill', I was left with a desire to be able to ask even simple questions to well-experienced physicians in the First World.

    At the children's home where I work, our whole lives are around the kids. We work on a tight budget based entirely on donor support to give these previously orphaned or abandoned children every opportunity. iClickCare has really improved the quality of life for a number of our children, as I've been able to consult on special cases that physicians here simply could not handle. I have learned a great deal through my interactions with these caring and really exemplary providers who have assisted me.

    iClickCare is an indispensable tool that would benefit any practice -- nobody practices medicine or nursing in a vacuum, and we all have something to learn. iClickCare helps make that learning faster, simpler, and easier."

    Matthew Pompeo, MD PA, Medical Director, Presbyterian Wound Center: "iClickCare has definitely enhanced my practice because I can get information much sooner than I would otherwise and thereby make decisions that can really impact the care of the patients. I think the other wound physicians will like it, especially to consult on Home or SNF patients to decide if they need to be admitted to the LTAC. It is a great way to build the local medical networks to include the clinicians who do not have easy access to a wound physician."

    Melissa Oakes, Vice President of Sales, Hair Club for Men®: "When Hair Club for Men wanted to increase client consultation time, efficiencies and procedures, we didn’t want to hamper the IT department with a long installation or spend a fortune. iClickCare delivered with world-class, thorough personal training, stellar, accessible tech support and consistent follow-up across our organization. They are more than a vendor, they are a partner."

    Merritt Robinson, Director of Nursing, Prestonwood Rehabilitation: "With iClickCare we have the ability to refer back to online conversations, visit details and pictures which has assisted in many improved outcomes for patients. Sound decisions on patient treatment can be made because they can review the entire iClickCare patient file. iClickCare is very user friendly from both sides – our transition to using it took only about 3-4 days, then grew over time, because the user can challenge the program with unlimited applications.

    We also market this HIPAA secure technology to consultant physicians who really like the convenience, for example, we upload films and reports from our mobile xray service into iClickCare along with the report and send to our orthopedic consultants."

    Pediatrician in a hospital clinic: "It has been so useful for prioritizing cases and expediting care ... there was an instance where emergency room surgeons were engrossed in a complex case when a child presented with a severe dog bite. Using iClickCare, a picture of the child was viewed in the OR by the surgeons who were then able to instruct that a room quickly be made ready for the child."

    Jonathan Ballon, MD: "I have two words: LOVE IT!!! The more I use iClickCare, the more wonderful it becomes. iClickCare has been a savior for this organizationally-challenged person trying to deal with eleven centers and 20+ consultants. No more of that constant, vague, uneasy feeling of having a million loose ends out there."

    Janet Brhel, WOCN: "I’ve gotta have the iClickCare software service, and it better not ever go away."

    Michael F. Moore, MD, FACS, CWS, FACCWS: "During a 3 month period, 70 patients were treated solely using iClickCare with an overall healing rate of 93% and an estimated savings of $24,000 in transportation costs alone."

    Peter J. Ciaravino, CFO: "Sometimes the disconnect between providers and finance people creates blocks to the adoption of a technology that will immediately improve care and reduce costs in the long run. Implementing iClickCare can rapidly drive much needed improvement in communication and patient outcomes."

    Christine Oliver, CWOCN: "Everyone should take a look at iClickCare. It's revolutionized the way we take care of our patients."

    Nurse in Bilingual Pediatrics Center: "El programa es muy útil para los pacientes. Corta mucho su tiempo en consulta y da un diagnóstico rápido." ("It's really helpful for the patients. It speeds up their consultation time and can provide a very quick diagnosis.")

    Nurse at the Kikuyu Othopedic Rehabilitation Center in Kenya, Africa: "Tuko na hamu kubwa ya kutumia kifaa hiki katika kazi yetu." (Swahili) "We have much enthusiasm for the use of this tool in our practice!"


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