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    • Hernia Patient: In a rural area in Africa, the ability to obtain a high-quality consult in a timely manner is usually strenuous, expensive, and impractical.

    • Kenya Hernia Patient
    • The patient outcome is usually disproportionate to the amount of effort required. Having had little experience with certain conditions, even those that were benign or "run-of-the-mill, the missionary nurse needed to ask even simple questions to well-experienced physicians in the First World.

    • Collaborating with iClickCare

      iClickCare enabled the nurse to be in contact with well-practiced experts in a variety of fields, making it easy to exchange pictures and commentary about case presentations that were quick, secure, and easy to navigate -- even with a poor internet connection.

    • Using iClickCare to Help the Hernia Patient
    • As a result, the toddler received the best care and is successfully recovering from his hernia surgery.

      Speech Therapy? The question for the therapist: Should this child have speech therapy after surgery. If so, when?

      At a post operative visit for cleft palate treatment, his adoptive mother wonders if speech therapy is ready to commence. The choice for the surgeon:
      - Tell the mother to call the speech pathologist and make an appointment.
      - Phone the speech therapist with a description of the speech as mild to moderate velo-pharyngeal incompetence with distortion of some fricatives.
      - Make an iClickCare consult.

      The advantage of the consult:
      - Mother and child are saved a visit and can remain at school and work.
      - The data is raw data that the speech pathologist can interpret.
      - The speech pathologist can plan her assessment and treatment.
      - The appointment and therapy occur sooner.
      - Disruption of the surgeon's day and the frustration of telephone tag are avoided.
      - The child and mother are cared for collaboratively rather than fending for themselves.

      Almost Missed Melanoma: A 41 year old male, father of 2, proud owner of a new house and its mortgage payments, was working 2 jobs. He fell and sprained his ankle. He did not have time to go to the doctor, and barely had time to see the orthopedic surgeon about his ankle. Reluctantly, he went to the orthopedic office after being seen in the Emergency Room.

      While there, the orthopedist noticed a skin lesion that seemed quite dark. She asked the patient about it. His reply was "I haven't really paid much attention to it. When can I get back to work?" The orthopedist suggested he see someone about the dark lesion. The patient said he was too busy. She wanted a plastic surgeon to evaluate the lesion via iClickCare. The plastic surgeon was in the operating room, and at the completion of his case, he reviewed the consultation, was concerned about malignant melanoma, arranged a time for an excisional biopsy, and contacted the patient. The biopsy was performed, and the clinical history was forwarded to the pathologist using the same consultation visit record. The diagnosis was made.

      The initial surgery was successful (because of a high index of suspicion), patient returned to work and the children kept their father. If care had not been facilitated, the lesion would have continued to be ignored by the patient's own admission. With time, the tumor would have advanced and become incurable. The hero here? The orthopedic surgeon who took a few extra minutes to do the right thing, and he got those minutes back by not playing phone tag. The case was later presented by a podiatry resident to his colleagues.

      Primary Care Provider Case Example

      Dog Bite on Girl's Eyelid: A three year old girl was bitten by a dog on her eyelid. She was taken to the emergency room, but the surgeons were not immediately available.

      From the emergency operating room, her care was managed via the pictures in iClickCare. She was placed NPO, tests given, special equipment gathered, and another surgical room prepared.

      The child and her family did not have to wait, and the little girl received confident and efficient care. Bandages were not applied, painfully removed, and reapplied, again and again. The nurses did not run around in a hurry, the surgeons and anesthesiologist did not anxiously wonder about the setup, based on vague descriptions. Everyone went home earlier, including the patient, who did not even have to stay in the hospital overnight.

      Amputation Averted: A 70 year old man presented in a rural emergency room after being struck by his garage door spring. The physician's assistant in the ER thought the arm needed to be amputated.

      Using iClickCare, transport was arranged to a hospital over an hour away; as well as the hospital's ER and OR made ready for the patient's arrival. The man's arm was repaired and saved. Interoperative pictures were also taken as an important part of collaborating with the recommended hand therapist.

      The patient was relieved and very happy. He spent only 17 minutes in the ER and was sent home that night with his injured arm intact and already healing.

      Gait Problem Resolved: A 15 year old girl presented in the primary care office after swim practice with a problem walking. The girl had been in good health, so the pediatrician was concerned. A secure video taken in iClickCare, indicated that her right foot didn't dorsi-flex in the gait pattern. With no history of an injury or infection, the question of a spinal cord tumor arose.

      How It Works: Ask Your Question

      Three mouse clicks enabled 3 consultants to collaborate together with the primary care physician. As a direct result of their joint collaboration, the neurosurgeon was able to promptly schedule an examination of the girl, and subsequently performed an operation to successfully remove the confirmed spinal cord tumor.

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