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  • ClickCare Mission Statement: Sharing secure pictures and words over the internet, ClickCare empowers healthcare providers to give:

    - Better access for the patient
    - Improved collaboration
    - Excellent medical education

    Irrespective of time and place, this delightful efficiency of hybrid store-and-forward communication enables better healthcare delivery at a lower cost.

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Our Jobs in Medicine Are Shifting -- Can Telemedicine Shift With Them?

As the world gets more integrated, demands on healthcare jobs increase, and what it means to "do the job well" changes with new technologies. Take for example, the Registered Nurse, who, in addition to hospital duties now may care for patients at home by collaborating with providers as part of the continuum of care using telemedicine like iClickCare. More...

People Love Their Doctors -- But Hate Healthcare

The majority of Americans think they get good or excellent medical care. Almost half consider that their state health system is not adequate. But twenty-five percent of adults do not have a primary care provider. When people do not have that "medical homebase", it is even more important for providers to coordinate patient care by collaborating. iClickCare enables that secure communication.More...

  • ClickCare Quick Guide to Hybrid Store-and-Forward
  • What is iClickCare Hybrid Store-and-Forward? Read the Quick Guide to find out how SnF can help your patients!

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