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  • ClickCare LLC: ClickCare LLC was started in upstate New York, and its service is now used throughout the US and the world by healthcare organizations and healthcare providers of all kinds. ClickCare has 3 patents pending and multiple registered trademarks.

    In August 2014, ClickCare LLC was chosen from hundreds of companies to be part of Start-Up New York -- a business accelerator program intended for those companies developing key technologies, ripe for expansion and that will create jobs for New Yorkers -- hosted at Binghamton University.

    In 2013, The New York Business Development Center awarded ClickCare LLC the Small Business Excellence Award.

    ClickCare regards its users as partners -- listening to their suggestions and needs, and modifying its products and services accordingly. As of 2013, the company has grown to over 30 people who are truly best in class, irrespective of where they live and work. Naturally, special projects require special talents, but the consistently common core is expertise in medicine and surgery, provider workflows, marketing and design, program development, technical support, operations and management, and US-based sales.

    Today, improving access, collaboration and education is not only the mantra of ClickCare, LLC, it is also the reality of healthcare. All levels of care, and all specialities and providers are being enhanced and extended by conversations with media and words.


    For additional questions, talk to a ClickCare consultant at: (800) 814-5840 or Contact Us.

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  • Since its beginnings in 1995, ClickCare LLC has grown to over 30 people worldwide.

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